Time Mag: Save The Earth By Selling Your Home And Moving To A City


Time Magazine has devoted a full 120 page special to the issue of global warming and what we can all do about it. Of course, it’s an environmentalist’s dream. It takes the “sustainability” movement to a whole new level. CNS News has the scoop.

This is the same Walsh who told Time readers in 2007 to “consider the case closed on global warming” and who asked Former Vice President Al Gore if he had a “moral obligation” to run for President because of the “importance” of climate change.

But no scary warming publication would be complete without the Here’s-What-YOU-Can-Do-About-It section.

Time’s booklet ends with a list of 20 things you can do to help reduce global warming. Overall, the list is predictable – don’t use plastic bags, go vegetarian, use solar power, use CFLs – but a few things on the list are hilariously contradictory.

Because “[d]ense urban living reduces energy wasted on transportation and building,” Time says people should move to the city. That doesn’t seem too crazy … but just wait.

Only a few suggestions later, Time urges people to “downsize your home.” One of the more bizarre lefty environmental ideas is that of micro-living. According to Time, “Houses in the U.S. have bulked up in recent decades …” Their solution? “A smaller home will cost less to heat and cool.” In other words, move to the city and into a tiny home or apartment.

Another one of the suggestions, number 14, is to hang up a clothesline … in your tiny home … in the city … “Sixty percent of the energy associated with clothing is spent on washing and drying. Air dry to save carbon,” Time says. Where, exactly, in that tiny home, there will be room for this clothesline is a mystery. (Read More)

They also tell us to telecommute, from our teeny tiny little homes in the city. Can’t we just take the bus? Or the trains that they love so much?

In New York City they’re already on top of this initiative. Over the summer New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a new plan to develop 400 square foot apartments. Just think how many more of us could be squeezed into the cities if they only build more of these little dorm-like apartments!

What if we just want tiny houses like this one out in the country? Will it be okay if we promise to grow our own food and telecommute with pint-sized netbooks or iPads? Would that satisfy the eco-fascists, or is even that too much to ask?