Thanks, Obama! Thanks, Maffei! Crouse Hospital Laying Off Workers Thanks To Obamacare


Dan Maffei has no regrets over his vote for Obamacare, although he does say he doesn’t like the medical device tax that’s hurting our district. I’m sure he has no comment on the news that Crouse Hospital is laying off workers thanks to his vote.

Thanks, Dan Maffei! Thanks, Democrats! Thanks, Obama!

Crouse Hospital has laid off 25 employees as part of a cost-cutting effort.

The jobs cut Wednesday included 20 managers and five non-management employees, according to Bob Allen, a Crouse vice president.

The job cuts were necessary because the Syracuse hospital is seeing expenses go up at the same time it’s bracing for reductions in payments from Medicare, the government health insurance program for people 65 and older and the disabled, Allen said.

Medicare is cutting reimbursements as part of federal health care reform. All U.S. hospitals are facing the same problem, he said.

Maffei claims that Obamacare doesn’t cut Medicare, when obviously that isn’t true.