Romney Surges In Polls, Nate Silver Hardest Hit


Donald Douglas had too much fun taking down the New York Times’s “wonder boy” Nate Silver who is freaking out a bit over the latest poll numbers showing  Mitt Romney surging.  What’s funny is that even people on our side look to Silver like he really is some sort of wonder boy of race predictions. The guy got his start during the 2008 election, so it’s not like he’s got a long track record to look at. Anyone with eyes knew John McCain was in trouble, but we’re supposed to take this guy seriously after he analyzed one election? Please. I like those guys out in Colorado better, the ones who have been right in every election since Ronald Reagan.

Anyway, here’s Donald:

“A relatively small part of the polling landscape,” which of means of course that it would be “counterproductive” to spend much time attempting to explain away such a horribly unrepresentative survey, right?

Well, no.

Little Boy Nate’s pissed that Gallup’s messing up Obama’s mojo and he’s going to use his perch at NYT’s progressive propaganda shop to set the record straight for the right-thinking political cognoscenti. …

If Romney pulls out an upset on November 6th Pinch Sulzberger Jr.’s going to have to the wonder boy on suicide watch. Seriously. Anyone’s who’s pegging Obama at a 64.8 percent chance of winning the Electoral College at this point’s obviously running a couple of quarts low already. An upset going to put that guy over the edge.

It’s not helping that other major polls are also not cooperating with the wonder boy’s super sophisticated shuck-and-jive razzmatazz rabitt-out-of-a-hat statistical polling shakedown model of progressive Democrat Orwellian truth generation. Here’s a report from this morning, for example, at Reuters, “Romney gains on Obama on foreign policy issues: poll“…

Go read the whole thing, there are links and quotes from the wonder boy for you to peruse.

Now, I’m not hoping that Silver will wind up on suicide watch. There’s no need, because he can always go back to baseball. Oh, wait, is he a Yankees fan? I don’t know, never mind.

What I’m saying is, the polls have been crazy for months. It’s just the past week or so that they’re starting to tighten up and have much meaning. Jimmy Carter was ahead in the polls in his race against Ronald Reagan. We all know how that turned out. Maybe Nate just needs a little time out to reflect and look back on prior elections to put things into perspective.