Pentagon Refuses To Reclassify Fort Hood Shootings As Terrorist Attack


The victims of Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan’s shooting rampage at Fort Hood have requested that the Pentagon reclassify the case as an act of terrorism. They shouldn’t have to even ask, seeing that he was shouting Allah Akbar and had been in communication with al Qaeda. But the Defense Department is standing its ground, citing concern over biasing jurors against Hasan.

Late Friday, after 160 victims of the Fort Hood, Texas, shooting called on the Pentagon to label the attack terrorism instead of workplace violence as it has for the past three years, the Department of Defense said it would not reclassify the attack.

In rejecting the victims outcry, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta’s spokesman cited concern that having the government weigh in could bias the case against Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, 42, who is awaiting trial and faces the death penalty if convicted.

When asked how Mr. Panetta plans to respond to the victims, his spokesman took a day and a half to respond, eventually emailing a statement Friday night.

“The Department of Defense is committed to the integrity of the ongoing court martial proceedings of Major Nadal Hassan and for that reason will not further characterize, at this time, the incident that occurred at Fort Hood on November 5, 2009,” Pentagon spokesman George Little said in the statement. “Major Hassan has been charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder, and 32 counts of attempted murder. As with all pending UCMJ matters, the accused is innocent until proven guilty.” (Read More)

What a ridiculous excuse. If that’s the case, how do they ever try terrorists, or even hate crimes?