October Surprise: Trump Vs. Allred


It’s almost time for the October surprise. Actually, there will be at least two October surprises, one from Gloria Allred and one from Donald Trump.

Allred is reportedly trying to get some old court records unsealed containing testimony of Mitt Romney. Apparently, there was some sort of gag order that she wants lifted.

Trump hasn’t given any hints about his surprise, but one of his associates believes he got his hands on divorce papers Michelle Obama had drawn up in 2000. Or it could be that cocaine story, but that news has been out for a day or two, so that’s not likely. Whatever it is, it sounds to me like Trump may have been sitting on it, waiting for someone like Allred to ride to Obama’s rescue with some trumped up (no pun intended) charges against Romney.

William Jacobson points out how desperate President Obama and his supporters are becoming and notes: “This ain’t 2008, buddy.” Heh. Ain’t that the truth?

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