Obama Campaign Forced To Spend Money In PA And Other States


The people on the Obama campaign must be biting their nails down to the quick these days. They’ve been forced to spend money defending states like Pennsylvania, while also trying to stay afloat in places like Ohio.  They just shelled out $650K for ads in the Philly and Pittsburgh markets, and that’s on top of what they’ve already spent.

Add this amount to the $500,000 that the Obama campaign just spent on ads in Minnesota, and you have over $1.1 million spent in two states that would normally be easily won by Democrats. This is not the mark of a campaign that is confident of success.

This is not Obama’s firewall collapsing; this is the building inside.

They must have fainted when they found out AFP was spending $1.5 million in the state on pro-Romney ads.

Americans for Prosperity, the conservative advocacy group that is backed by the Koch brothers, will spend $1.5 million to run commercials there criticizing President Obama.

Pennsylvania has suddenly become a hotbed of action in the presidential race, after appearing largely out of play for the last few months.

But with polls showing Mr. Romney closing in on the president’s lead there, Republican groups have rushed to get on the air and forced the Obama campaign to spend more than it had hoped to defend its position.

Restore Our Future and Americans for Job Security, two “super PACs” backing Mr. Romney, and the Republican Jewish Coalition are all spending large sums of money to advertise in Pennsylvania.

Ouch! That’s gotta hurt.

Pennsylvania isn’t the only formerly blue state where they’re now being forced to spend money and resources.

And this news, coming just four days after it was reported that Team Obama is buying ads in Minnesota, is the best indication that Democrat insiders know that the president’s re-election is seriously endangered.

Minnesota, and Oregon of all places!

But, Obama’s already been running ads in Oregon for weeks. This mostly had to do with potential complications from the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, and a ballot initiative legalizing marijuana. Romney hasn’t run any ads. Yet, Obama is still only at 47%, even though he’s had the airwaves to himself.

In all, Republican groups are spending about $50 million in this final week before the election.

Key Republican-leaning groups are launching a final week ad blitz totaling almost $50 million.

The Republican super PAC American Crossroads and its affiliate Crossroads GPS are buying more than $28 million in both presidential and Senate battleground states, a group spokesman told CNN.

Restore Our Future, the super PAC whose primary aim is to support Republican nominee Mitt Romney, announced a $20 million ad campaign that is aimed at President Obama’s economic record. Beginning Tuesday and running through Election Day, it will air commercials nationally on broadcast TV and in the swing states of Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin. (Read More)

So much for Obama’s firewall, eh?

H/T Charles B.