Note To Democrats: Women Are Not Political Pawns!


As a woman I have been more disgusted every day of this election season. The Democrats are pandering to women in the lowest possible way. They started with the “war on women” meme and they’ve run with it. Their convention was a joke – as if the women of America struggling to put food on the table, gas in the car and money in their kids’ college funds are worried about free birth control (which costs about $5 per month), or free abortions. Then President Obama’s campaign website actually had a post telling women to vote with their lady parts. Seriously, can you imagine if a candidate told men to vote with their manly parts? They’re trying to turn women into a barroom joke.

Perhaps the most vile example is the ad that Dan Maffei continues to air in the race for NY24 against Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle. This is a woman who volunteered for a local women’s shelter for sixteen years. That’s right, for sixteen years she donated her time to fight for women who were victims of domestic and sexual abuse. He can’t run on his record, so he is hiding behind rape victims, and is telling the women of this district that Ann Marie Buerkle wants to redefine rape. It’s beyond reprehensible. Whenever this ad airs on my television I turn the channel. Every time. I refuse to listen to it again. The only way it could be worse is if he accused her of holding the victims down. I should be careful here, he’s so desperate I wouldn’t want to give him any ideas.

Dan Maffei’s ad is so over the top that even some  women who are Democrats are repulsed by it. Women are not political pawns and we don’t like being treated that way. The party that claims to be the party of women acts like we’re nothing more than victims who can’t earn a living or think for ourselves. Well, they’re doing a fine job of seeing to it that many women (men, too, for that matter) can’t earn a living. They’re doing a fine job of making it hard to put food on the table without turning to government for help. They’re doing a fine job of making it hard to put gas in our cars or save for our children or our retirement. They’re doing a fine job of ignoring the problems with Social Security and Medicare so that neither of those programs will be there to help those of us who are raising our families. They’re doing a fine job of killing the American dream for our children with a national debt that just keeps rising. But they don’t want us thinking about those things, so they’ve concocted this bogus “War on Women” because they think we’re all stupid and think with our “lady parts.” What an insult. Especially considering that if Obamacare isn’t repealed our lady parts could be rationed away by the IPAB. I vote with my brain, and will never depend on chubby wannabes like Dan Maffei to protect my lady parts, which are none of his or Obama’s business anyway.


Please consider making a donation to Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle’s reelection campaign. She is a good woman, and although many on the left don’t agree with her all the time, she listens to all of her constituents.  She spends time here in the district where she lives, where she grew up and raised her family. She doesn’t just phone it in when it’s campaign season. In the next day or two Dan Maffei will be trotting out Senator Chuck Schumer, and then Sandra Fluke will be in town to help him raise money. This race is extremely close and Buerkle needs all of the help she can get. She’s got an army of volunteers, but if you can help her reach one more voter you can help to make a difference, and send a message to the Democrats that women are not puppets to be used in campaigns. Ann Marie Buerkle represents all of the people in this district – men, women and children alike. We’re all Americans and shouldn’t be pitted against each other as if we’re in some twisted version of the Hunger Games.