NIH Spent Almost $1 Million Studying The Mating Habits Of Fruit Flies


I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. Good grief, the National Institute of Health actually spent nearly a million dollars studying the mating habits of fruit flies.

According to Daily Finance, these researchers are planning on expanding their testing to other species of animals as well, which would mean even more government funding for more experiments.  When our country is currently in a state of economic uncertainty, with over $16 trillion in debt, what good is it to know whether male fruit flies are attracted to older or younger females? This lousy demonstration of government spending shows how Washington is wasting nearly $1 million of taxpayer dollars.

Every time you turn around there are more instances of waste like this. It’s insane and it’s got to stop. But you know if Mitt Romney proposes cutting the NIH budget the Dems will scream that he’s anti-health.