New Ad Reminds Voters Why We Fired Dan Maffei in 2010 – Updated – Obama Voters For Buerkle?


The 60 Plus Association is airing a new ad in the Syracuse and Rochester, NY markets reminding voters why we fired Dan Maffei in 2010. The Democrat claims to be the centrist in the race between himself, Republican Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle and Green Party candidate Ursula Rozum. That’s ridiculous seeing that he voted for the wasteful stimulus and Obamacare, as well as voting the party line 96% of the time when he was in Congress. (Not to mention that creepy photo of Rahm Emanuel he kept in his closet. Ew.)

Here’s the ad:

The NRCC is also hammering Maffei in another ad for using taxpayer dollars to give his staffers huge bonuses after he was voted out of office. He made the top ten for most corrupt Democrats of 2012. (H/T Charles B.) Watch:

Update: A little while ago another Dan Maffei ad ran on TV and my son said “A lot of Democrats are going to vote for Ann Marie Buerkle, even though they are voting for Obama.” I asked him why, and he explained that he and a group of his friends talk politics at school all the time. They’re about evenly divided with the number of Democrats and Republicans in the group. He said that all but one of the Democrats (who are speaking for their parents) don’t like Dan Maffei and will be voting for Buerkle. I believe it. I’ve talked to other Democrats who have told me they can’t stand Maffei and they wonder why their party keeps running this buffoon. I’m sure some will vote for him anyway, but they all won’t.

If that doesn’t convince you to donate to Buerkle’s campaign, consider this: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who thinks it’s his place to tell people what they can eat and drink, is sinking a ton of money into the Maffei campaign because he calls Maffei a moderate. Is Bloomberg’s big-government-nanny-knows-best-statism the type of moderation the voters are looking for? I think not.