Leave It To Bill Clinton To Politicize Hurricane Sandy


President Obama may have taken a day off campaigning to make himself look presidential during a disaster, but Bill Clinton didn’t. Never let a crisis go to waste.

The Clintons and their allies have not been shy about politicizing disasters, natural and man-made. President Clinton turned the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing into a sustained attack on Rush Limbaugh. Clinton-era officials including former FEMA head James Lee Witt helped turn Hurricane Katrina into a political issue against President George W. Bush despite fact (or maybe, because of the fact) that the failures to deal with that storm were primarily local.

Now, Bill Clinton is sticking to his baser political instincts again, politicizing Hurricane Sandy ahead of its expected strike while speaking at a rally Sunday for Connecticut Democratic Senate candidate Chris Murphy.

Read the whole thing, Clinton pretty much compared Mitt Romney to a violent storm.