Last Night’s Mitt Is The Same Mitt That’s Been There All Along


Just about everybody believes Mitt Romney won the first presidential debate last night. National Journal points to a couple of new polls out this morning backing that up. I keep flipping over to MSNBC just to watch them mope. I know, we shouldn’t all be doing the Snoopy dance because we still have a few more debates and then an election to win, but still. Today is a good day.

Anyone who has been following this election closely knows that the Mitt Romney that showed up last night is the same Mitt Romney that’s been out there all along. The problem isn’t Mitt’s message, it’s that the media has refuses to report it, as Da TechGuy pointed out.

That’s the real dirty secret of this debate, not that there is a different Mitt Romney at the debate then on the campaign trail, but that the Mitt Romney at this debate bears no resemblance to the caricature that the left, the media and the 30 seconds ads have painted.

The Totalitarian Media and Left made the mistake that all totalitarians make, they have heard their own propaganda so often and have lived in their own bubble so long they actually have started to believe their own spin.

The Iron curtain was solid right up until it fell, the Berlin Wall was a death barrier right up until chunks of it became collectors items, the Soviet Union was going to outperform the west right up until the moment when it collapsed.

And the press’ conventional wisdom on Mitt Romney was gospel, right up until the second it was not. (Read More)

Yup! All they tell us about are Mitt’s gaffes and they never get to any of the substance. Last night he had the chance to take his message directly to about 50 million Americans, and he did just fine.

Now I’m going to do a little more channel surfing before work and enjoy listening to the Obama folks trying to spin his latest miserable failure into something positive.