It’s Time We Get The UN Out Of The US


Can anyone tell me what good has come from the involvement of the United States in the United Nations lately? The organization appoints human rights abusers to the human rights council. They turn a blind eye on genocide and the suppression of women. They stand by while rogue nations fund terrorists and build nuclear arsenals. Heck, they give prominence and votes to rogue nations.

Here are two more reasons why the US needs to get out of the UN, and kick them out while we’re at it.

UN Looks To Develop Anti-Terror Internet Surveillance

Texas Attorney General warns OSCE on Election Observations

Follow the links and read both. We don’t need international groups monitoring our elections, especially when they are unconcerned with the many instances of voter fraud committed by the Democrats. They’re only looking to monitor efforts to combat voter fraud.

As for the UN monitoring our internet activities, uh, no thanks. I’ve been subjected to the worst forms of online internet harassment. At most, I would like my local district attorney to have the ability to legally subpoena the IP providers of these online thugs so they can be stopped. The last thing we need is some UN organization monitoring our online activities. Knowing these kooks, they would expose the identities of anonymous bloggers while aiding the harassers and terrorists.