Former SEIU Worker Blows The Whistle On Mandatory ‘Volunteerism’


Via The Daily Caller, here’s video of a former SEIU worker talking about how he was required to volunteer to work for Democrats when he was part of the union. It’s not the least bit surprising that he requested to have his image and voice altered so as to avoid the attacks he would have to endure if his identity was known.

But the union’s leaders, the organizer said on the video, “would tell us, ‘We need to go canvassing for this candidate, so we need you to sign this sheet to say that you are requesting a personal day today, so that you can go do this. We’ll make it up to you later,’” he said in the interview.

“And I [thought], ‘Is this really legal? Can you require me to volunteer for a candidate that I can’t even vote for?’” he recalled thinking. “I don’t live in that jurisdiction, that district that they are running from.”

“And that happened a lot around election time. The staff was — it was — I called it ‘mandatory volunteerism.’ And that happened to everybody. We were all told that we had to volunteer for this candidate on this day.” (Read More)

Well, it’s a good thing our tax dollars provide these workers with plenty of days off so they can volunteer for Democrats.