Democrats Gang Up On and Harass Female GOP Volunteer


I reader named Jan emailed me yesterday with a story about how Democrats ganged up on and harassed her as she was working a GOP tent at an event in a swing state.

Today when I was working in the Republican tent at a local community event, the democrats in the tent next door decided to come over to MY tent and start harrassing me about how corrupt (in THEIR words) my party is.  Of course, there were 10 of them in their tent and only 1 of me in mine.  So after about 15 minutes of trying to ignore them standing at my booth and pointing their fingers right in my face, I finally said to one of them:  “Get your finger out of my face or I’m gonna break it.”  Well, they didn’t listen, so I pretended I was dialing 9-1-1 on my cell phone, and then they left.  The police station is right across the street!  They came back about a half-hour later and started in again, and I said “Get out of my tent or I’m calling the police.”  After that, they left me alone.  I’m not going back next week to work in the Republican tent.  Someone else can do it.  It’s not worth it to me.  Let the big bullies gang up on somebody else next week.  Have you noticed how the libs have a trance-like look on their faces?  It’s kind of scary!  There were lots of people at the event dressed up in creepy Halloween costumes, but the democrats, even without costumes, were the creepiest of all!

The left is desperate. If they weren’t afraid of getting caught who knows what those goons would have done to Jan.

Image via Fire Andrea Mitchell