Biting My Tongue


My post-debate high didn’t last long. First there was more gloomy economic news. Then I went to work and made the mistake of whispering “Did you see the debate last night” to a coworker who used to be on our side. I’m wondering if she’s had a change of heart. This person who usually speaks in hushed tones was extremely loud when she replied that she didn’t watch the debate. But she wasn’t the problem, it was another coworker.

“Who are you for, Barackah or Romney?” the other one asked. (Yes, she pronounced it “Barakah.”)

“Romney,” I replied.

“Oh, then we can’t be friends. I hate him,” was her retort.

“Why?” I asked.

Then came a pause. No answer. No asking me why I’m for Romney. But fortunately for the coworker in her late twenties one of her BFFs works with us and chimed in with a reading from some unnamed friend’s facebook post declaring Romney the loser of the debate. Apparently, they don’t even pay attention to the lefty pundits who all went berserk because Obama clearly lost.

I thought I’d let that be the end of it. When I go to work I’m not getting paid to debate politics, I’m getting paid to do my job. But I was distracted when a few minutes later the coworker who hates Romney but doesn’t say why loudly started talking about the concert she went to last night. I just nodded and smiled as if to say “That’s nice” and tried to get back to my work. But then I heard this “I don’t even need to watch debates. I already know who I’m voting for.”

Not a single word about why she’s already made up her mind. Only that she has. This is a person who constantly talks about her favorite singers, drives to concerts hundreds of miles away, goes to water parks on her days off, and watches reality TV in her down time. I have no idea where she gets her information so she can make informed decisions when it comes to politics. It must be social media, because a few minutes later her BFF started chattering about Romney and Big Bird. Nothing about the substance of his comments, just chatter. I wanted to say “You have no idea how stupid you sound,” but I was at work so I bit my tongue.

I share this story with you because this is a problem. Perhaps these are the people with “small brains” Jon Stewart was talking about. The coworkers I speak of are educated, but they are grossly uninformed. At least informed liberals have some sort of substance to back up their arguments, the people I’m speaking of have nothing. Really, nothing. They watch Honey Boo Boo and then talk about it like it’s news. And they vote.

This is what we’re dealing with. It’s scary. Maybe I should challenge these coworkers to an after-hours debate. I’m sure they would decline, because they know they have all of the answers, but they don’t know why, and they don’t know what those answers are, other than “Barakah.” Damned lemmings.

In the mean time:

Yes, there’s a debate going on in this country, but it’s not at MSNBC. It’s held every night around millions of kitchen tables and it’s about jobs, gasoline and food prices, and a president who worries about the distribution of the golden eggs rather than the economic health of the goose.

Sigh. The clueless lemmings who still have jobs aren’t having these conversations.