Big Bird And Friends Worth More Than Mitt Romney


Why does PBS need federal funds? Did you know that Big Bird and his buddies on Sesame Street are worth more than Mitt Romney? How much are they worth? A whopping $400,000,000. Here’s video of Brett Baier explaining.

“Big Bird is worth some big bucks, even more than Mitt Romney. The total assets of the Sesame Workshop were just under four hundred million dollars, four hundred million dollars at the end of 2009’s fiscal year. That’s according to the publicy available tax forms. South Carolina Senator Jim Demint told the Daily Caller that “Sesame Street is a multi-million dollar enterprise and cookie monster will eat just fine without taxpayer subsidies.”

Again, why does PBS need federal funding? I think Big Bird will be just fine without it.

Via Florida Jayhawk on Twitter and The Founders Keeper. Image via The Hollywood Reporter. Also, read Michelle Malkin’s latest column on how the left is hiding behind Big Bird. What a joke. Unfortunately, there are quite a few uninformed people out there who buy into their BS.