Audio: Liberal Talk Show Host Ed Schultz Talks About Lady Parts – Update – Shrieks Is More Like It


Liberal talk show host Ed Schultz took to the airwaves the other day to scream at women. I don’t know any woman in her right mind that would listen to the likes of Ed Schultz.

I’m getting more burned up the more I think about this. Alright, now this is the locker room today. If this is too much for you don’t listen, I’m warning you. Women! Are you awake? Do yo know what this radical outfit wants to do to your rights in the work place? Do you want them managing your vagina? Do you want them rolling back your rights fifty years?

What the hell is he even talking about? What rights are the Republicans talking about taking away from women? Women will still be able to have abortions and get birth control if they want, they just won’t be paid for by other people. The plan is to stop violating the rights of everybody else.

Can you imagine if Republicans or their supporters told men to vote with their penises? Good grief, what have we come to?

Listen to this lunatic, you can practically hear the spittle hitting the microphone.

Via Radio Equalizer‘s You Tube channel.

Update: Unfortunately, there are women out there who buy into all of this BS. Check out May Saubier’s post on the subject and the hate-filled comments she received from some of the true believers. On the bright side, there are also quite a few comments from thinking women.