Video: Shep Smith Apologizes For Broadcasting Suicide Of Carjacker


Were you watching Fox News this afternoon during Shep Smith’s 3:00 PM ET broadcast? If not, you missed quite a show.

The first 17 minutes or so were devoted to live footage of a stolen car speeding down an Arizona highway, as the carjacker tried to avoid apprehension. Smith broke the coverage for a few minutes to report some news, then came back to the live feed from a helicopter following the stolen car. It had gone off the highway and onto a dirt road before turning off onto a side road, or path, it was hard to tell. The carjacker got out of the car and appeared to be acting erratically. He went into what appeared to be a field, held the gun to his head and fell to the ground. The dude committed suicide on air. As soon as it happened Smith looked panicked and said “get off it” before they cut to commercial. When they came back, Smith apologized, saying the 5-second time delay they implemented failed. I’ll say.

Here’s video of the apology. I have to say, I kind of felt bad for the guy. Smith, that is. Maybe even a little bit for the carjacker, obviously he was a disturbed individual.

The Observer has more.

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