Video: Mitt Romney Statement on Embassy Attacks in Egypt and Libya – Updated


Here’s video of Mitt Romney’s statement regarding the attacks on the US Embassies in Egypt and Cairo yesterday. Romney criticized President Obama’s leadership and the statements sent out by the administration last night.

“The President takes responsibility not just for the words that come from his mouth, but the words that come from his ambassadors, from his administration, from his embassies, from his State Department. They clearly sent mixed messages to the world, and the statement that came from the administration and the embassy is his administration.”

This morning MSNBC went on the attack against Romney, rather than the savages who killed four Americans, including two Marines, an Air Force Veteran and a US Ambassador. Also, before condemning the savage Islamists, the White House condemned Mitt Romney.

As far as I know, President Obama still plans on traveling to Nevada today for a campaign appearance.

Update: The Weekly Standard has the text of Romney’s remarks.

Update 2: The press was caught on an open mic coordinating the questions they would ask Mitt Romney. They didn’t need to do that for President Obama, because he did not take any questions. Also, Twitchy has a roundup of the ridiculous questions they asked. It was all about whether or not Romney regretted his statement, and nothing about policy.

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