Swipe Your Neighbor’s Property for the Yard Sale for Obama


I thought this was a joke at first, but it’s for real. Next weekend is the “Yard Sale for Obama.” They put out this video to advertise it. They want people to gather up their old junk and sell it and send the proceeds to the Obama campaign. And if you don’t have enough junk to sell, just swipe your neighbor’s stuff and sell that. That’s what they did in the video, a guy comes along, grabs a golf club and says “Isn’t this my nine iron?” Liberals don’t think twice about taking what doesn’t belong to them as long as it’s for the collective. Watch:

Update: Linked by Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin and Bad Blue – thanks!

Update: Linked by Free Republic where someone found this:

In the “Faq” section, the question is asked-by a liberal, no doubt—”Do I HAVE to have a yard sale?”

The response: “No…we know yard sales are HARD WORK.” !!!!

Maybe they can get some stimulus money to pay someone else to do the work for them.