Sometimes You Just Need to Step Away From the Computer


The Democrats’ national convention coincided with the first week of school here in Upstate, NY. I really didn’t want to watch any of it. I  turned it off and went to bed Wednesday night, but I was up pretty late Tuesday and Thursday. I purposely avoided most of the abortion-fest and the angriest of speakers, not that I didn’t see all of the highlights. What I did see just made me angry, the lies mostly -and the biggest lie that somehow more government is going to solve our problems. It won’t.

So anyway, this morning I had to get up early to get the kids off to school. I did some blog posts, but wasn’t really that into it. Then I had to attend to the family business.  A few years ago we had to let our first (and only) employee go because he stopped showing up for work. When Mr. LC called to see if he would be coming in for a big job that was scheduled the employee’s wife said he couldn’t work outside in the cold. Well, Mr. LC said that if the guy couldn’t come in to work he would have to be terminated because we had this work lined up that needed to be done. We would have to hire someone else, which is exactly what we did.

We lost our fight against unemployment, and he got 99 weeks of it. Every so often the New York State Department of Labor would send us notices telling us we have to send them more money, which we always did promptly, even if we didn’t like it. The former employee’s unemployment ended at least six months ago, maybe more. We thought that was the end of it. Ha! Aren’t we naive? Today we received a notice telling us we owe the state about a grand because we dissolved the old company and formed an LLC. I have no idea why that is, we’ve been paying our UE premiums with every payroll, but the only way to fight it will mean paying a lawyer, which will probably be more than what they say we owe. I tried calling the payroll company to see if there’s anything we can do, but will have to call back on Monday.

I was wondering if any of those millionaires speaking at the DNC understand that really small businesses like ours can use every thousand dollars we can keep. Apparently not, if they think it’s a good idea giving guys who don’t show up for work 99 weeks of unemployment benefits. Now we’re paying a guy who is a great employee and still paying for that piece of crap my husband thought he would help out by giving him a job. This is what small employers get when they try to be nice.

Back to the story. Shortly after receiving that notice, Mr. LC called and told me that the former employee called him to see if he had work for him! I’m not kidding.  That’s when I decided to just go Galt for a day. I finished up what I had to do in the home office and ran to the bank. I’d had enough of the government, politics, nasty liberals and everything else. So I read a book. I made dinner. I talked to my best friend on the phone for two hours. That was it.

I may not have even mentioned this if not for Ladd’s post about how social media can make mental illness worse.

Over the past several months, I’ve slowly begun to notice a pattern in regards to the mentally ill, and their use of Twitter and other forms of social media. At first they just seem to come across as trolls, but when lack of logic or reason penetrates, and weird cyberstalking behavior manifests, it becomes obvious that something isn’t quite right on the other side of the keyboard.

Up until today I was taking this behavior the wrong way. I saw it as philosophy gone wrong or politics gone wrong, and didn’t fully recognize there was actually, instead, a terrible sadness and tragedy here. It wasn’t until I talked to a friend who had to take care of a mentally-ill loved one for many years that I began to realize that maybe, some of these people are not really 100 percent responsible for their disturbing behavior.

It is heartbreaking to consider that in these early days of social media, many with mental handicaps are left to fend its horrifying corridors for themselves, with no family or friends to intervene should things go awry.

Read the whole thing.

Some of us know when it’s time to turn off the computer for a little while and just decompress and recharge. Not all of us do, and that’s a problem. I don’t know the answer. I guess if you find yourself working into a frenzy on the blogs, facebook or twitter, you may just need to turn it off for a little while, relax and remember what’s important.

That’s it. I needed a break, and I don’t want to turn into one of those deranged people. Oh, and I also don’t ever want to sit through any more DNC speeches ever again! This blog just doesn’t pay enough for that.