Poverty Stuck at Highest Level in Decades


The Hill reports that a new study by the US Census finds that the number of Americans living in poverty is stuck at the highest level it’s been in decades. This is despite the increased spending on long-term unemployment and food stamps. Gee, does anyone think there’s a correlation?

The number of people in the United States living in poverty remains at its highest level since 1993 with 46.2 million people — including 16.1 million children — living below the poverty line, the Census Bureau reported Wednesday.

The poverty rate effectively leveled off in 2011 following three straight years of increases, the bureau said. Even so, the current level amounts to 15 percent of the nation’s population. (Read More)

Household income is also down by over 8% since 2007. What will things look like if we give Obama another four years to finish the job?