Oh Look – Voter Fraud


Attorney General Eric Holder insists that there is no voter fraud in the United States. I don’t know what he has to say about this. Probably nothing.

A national voter fraud watchdog group announced Tuesday that it has uncovered at least 31 cases of absentee ballot fraud in New York and Florida — a finding the group claims is “just the tip of the iceberg.”

True the Vote, a group that focuses on voter fraud, said it turned over 31 cases to state and federal election authorities in which individuals cast their votes in two states in the same federal election — which is a felony.

Logan Churchwell, a spokesman for the group, told FoxNews.com that the organization accessed Florida’s complete voter registration roll and cross-referenced it against 10 percent of New York’s list. It identified more than 1,700 people with voter registrations in both states. Of that number, 31 people allegedly voted in both states during the same federal election cycle.

Both Florida and New York require voters to cast ballots that correspond with their permanent home addresses. Under federal law, voters are prohibited from casting more than one ballot in the same election.

Read the whole thing. As Instapundit would say, we’re in the best of hands.

With any luck the media’s version of incompetents will take control soon and if we’re really lucky they can start spinning good news as bad once again. That’s much easier to take, seeing that there’s less suffering involved.