Obama – The Slumlord Millionaire


The Washington Examiner has an eye-opening special report about President Obama. It’s a vetting the main stream media has failed to do since he hit the national political scene. My gosh, if he was a Republican it would have been a feeding frenzy since he gave that DNC speech in 2004. It will probably take a little while to go through it all, but via Instapundit we get this nugget.

Chapter 4: For the slumlord’s defense, Barack Obama, Esq.

It was a frigid January and the slumlord who put his tenants on the street without going through the required eviction process got off with a $50 fine. His lawyer went on to be elected president of the United States.

Here’s a campaign slogan for you: Obama – the Slumlord Millionaire. Now that the Federal Reserve is buying up our mortgages faster than you can say “slumlord millionaire” it looks like he’s taking it to a whole new level. And who can forget how his wife got her posh hospital job after he became a US Senator and she started a scheme to dump the poor patients? The last time I checked, Ann Romney has never done anything like that, neither has her husband.

The Examiner’s intro summed up this man we call President in one paragraph:

But beyond the spin and the polls, a starkly different picture emerges. It is a portrait of a man quite unlike his image, not a visionary reformer but rather a classic Chicago machine pol who thrives on rewarding himself and his friends with the spoils of public office, and who uses his position to punish his enemies.

The MSM will never tell you the truth about this guy. Thankfully, they now have some competition.

Update: I just finished Chapter One: Obama was quite privileged in his youth. Even when he went on to become a community organizer, he refused to live in the community he was organizing. Instead he commuted from his posh little Hyde Park neighborhood.

Update 2: Be sure to check out Chapter Two: Not only were Obama’s classes unpopular with students, he was lazy. Sound familiar?