NYC Cut So Many Calories From School Lunches They No Longer Meet Requirements


Michelle Obama must be so proud of the New York City bureaucrats. They have cut so many calories from school lunches that the meals no longer contain enough calories to meet basic nutritional requirements.

Worried that children were losing the war on obesity, New York City began to slim down its school lunch offerings several years ago, replacing fries with baked potato strips and introducing nonfat chocolate milk, whole grain pasta and salad bars, among other tweaks.

In the process, the city also cut calories. So much so, city officials now acknowledge, that it often served children fewer calories than required by the federal government.

The Bloomberg administration has often found itself stymied by the powers of Albany or Washington in its policy goals, including enacting congestion pricing, erecting a stadium on the West Side of Manhattan, taxing soda or banning the use of food stamps for sugar-sweetened beverages.

But in the case of the 860,000 school lunches served daily, it ignored a set of United States Department of Agriculture requirements written in 1994, without seeking permission. (Read More)

Here’s a question. If kids don’t get enough to eat at lunch, won’t they just eat more junk food later because they’re hungry?