Mike Rowe to Appear With Mitt Romney in Ohio


The PJ Tatler has Mitt Romney’s schedule for tomorrow, which includes a business round table forum at American Spring Wire in Bedford Heights, Ohio. Mike Rowe will be on the panel. You probably know him from the show “Dirty Jobs,” but he really does so much more than that.

Rowe is a big promoter of the trades and skilled labor. Check out his website. There aren’t enough Americans out there promoting blue collar workers. Last month Rowe wrote an open letter to Romney, telling him that if he read the letter he would get Rowe’s vote. According to Cleveland.com, a campaign worker tweeted a photo of Romney reading it. In the letter, Rowe asked for a national conversation about hard work. Here’s a sample:

Certainly, we need more jobs, and you were clear about that in Tampa. But the Skills Gap proves that we need something else too. We need people who see opportunity where opportunity exists. We need enthusiasm for careers that have been overlooked and underappreciated by society at large. We need to have a really big national conversation about what we value in the workforce, and if I can be of help to you in that regard, I am at your service – assuming of course, you find yourself in a new address early next year.

To be clear, mikeroweWORKS has no political agenda. I am not an apologist for Organized Labor or for Management. mikeroweWORKS is concerned only with encouraging a larger appreciation for skilled labor, and supporting those kids who are willing to learn a skill.

Read the whole thing, it’s fantastic and I’m thrilled to know that Romney is including Rowe in his campaign. People are so snobby about work these days. If everyone raises their kids to avoid these sorts of jobs, who will fix our houses, offices and roads when we get old?

Oh, and Rowe also sent a letter to President Obama four years ago. He still hasn’t receive a reply.

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