Mia Love Received Packet Filled With Vile Racist Hate


This is not at all surprising. The left loathes conservatives, especially conservative women with a voice. They thrive on threats and intimidation and get their jollies trying to demean conservative women. If one of those women happens to be black and extremely popular, they’ll go after her with a vengeance, and that’s what they’re doing to Mia Love.

SARATOGA SPRINGS — A packet of information sent to Mayor Mia Love‘s office that city officials described as racist launched a police investigation Wednesday.

City Manager Mark Christensen described the contents of the thick envelope as “disturbing” and “pretty creepy stuff.” He said it included a picture of Love and her husband, Jason, and a hooded Ku Klux Klan character. There also were pictures of aborted fetuses, he said.

“I couldn’t tell if it was threatening or anything. It kind of shocked me, what I saw,” he said.

Christensen said the city has received others mailings aimed at Love but nothing like the one that arrived Wednesday. He said he turned it over to the police department.

Saratoga Springs Police Chief Gary Hicken said he assigned an officer to investigate.

Love isn’t deterred.

“I want you to know, I want everyone to know I am comfortable in my skin. I’m comfortable and proud of my heritage. I’m proud of who I am. I know where I’m going and I know what we need to do to get this country back in order again. There isn’t anything that anyone can send me that will distract me from that so they can bring it,” she said. (Read More)

Good for her! She also called herself a “tough cookie,” and that toughness is paying off. She’s now leading in the polls. No wonder she has the left so desperate they’re resorting to these incredibly vile tactics.

Mia Love for Congress!!!