If it Doesn’t Sound Like Me…


It probably isn’t me.

The person or people who have been harassing me and Zilla have been leaving comments on other blogs pretending to be me. Here’s the fake profile they have created for me on Disqus. They’ve been quite busy. That profile is in no way connected to me or this blog, and the picture used is of somebody else. If anyone knows how to have it removed let me know.

Chuck Adkins’ interest in commenting here, which he does by way of anonymizers, seems to have been renewed by my having posted on Stacy’s response to Paul Lemmen’s charges of ‘elitism.’ Among the charges in these comments, in which he tries to convince people that he is Karen, The Lonely Conservative, Adkins claims that Zilla is faking her illness in order to pay for alcoholism treatment for her husband, and that she vacationed with her kids at Disney World, neither of which is true. (Read More)

I don’t know if it’s Chuck “Patrick” Adkins doing this, or someone else. Oh well, like Stacy said “If evil people don’t hate you, you’re not doing enough good. If crazy people don’t hate you, maybe you’re nuts.” I guess I’m doing something right.

Update: Linked by Zilla – thanks!