How do I get in on this cabal of elite conservative bloggers?


I was informed today that there is a cabal of “elite” right wing bloggers led by none other than my friend Stacy McCain, or as Dan Collins calls him, Champagne McCain.

How he affords his Italian suits and his diamond-studded walking stick, his Ferraris, the enormous gems that glitter on his fingers, or the caviar, I will never know. Neither is it any of my business. I will never forget motoring up the cedar-lined drive to his manse overlooking the Shenandoah, and wondering how he could have purchased that stately domain on a blogger’s salary—and with all those children. The missus greeted me politely in the foyer before whisking me to the gallery, where were gathered notables from government and media corporate bigwigs, all enjoying his excellent armagnac whilst McCain regaled them with tales of high hobnobbery. The dinner was sumptuous, and I omit detailing it only for brevity’s sake. Later, he bested me deftly at his regulation snooker table in the billiard room, and offered me a fine Cubano from a box given him by Leon Panetta, and showed me his library, populated top to bottom with leather-bound first editions of classics in various languages, not only of Europe. We sat on the veranda and conversed on lofty themes, before I retired to my room, put up by the sweetly attired maidservants, whose decolletage I shall never forget. (Read More)

Someone needs to get to the bottom of this and quick. Not that I want them to put an end to it, I want to get in on it. Sounds like a good life. Maybe now that I’ve made my television debut….

Oh well, until I’m granted entry into this elite cabal I’ll just toil away in obscurity, craving the special smoothies only the elites can enjoy.


In all seriousness, there are a few people out there who really need to get a life. Rather than spending their days working to advance conservative causes and help defeat Democrats, they manically obsess over other bloggers and send me links to their deranged rantings. It’s getting old.

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