Flashback: In 1998 Obama Said He Believed in Redistribution – Update – Romney Responds


Audio of a speech Barack Obama delivered at a conference at Loyala University in 1998 has been uncovered. He was talking about how there is a “systematic propaganda campaign against the policy of government action and its efficacy.” He said he wanted to “resuscitate the notion of we’re all in this together,” and to figure out a way to “pool resources” for redistribution because “I believe in redistribution.” Well, it looks like he’s figured that out.

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Update: Via BuzzFeed, Mitt Romney was on with Neil Cavuto this afternoon and responded to this new revelation. He also responded to those attacking him for the comments he made at a private fundraiser.

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Also of note, this evening I was watching the local ABC affiliate and they played clips from the Romney video at least twice. They did not mention the video of Obama saying he believes in redistribution.

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Update: Scared Monkeys linked – thanks!

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