Chris Matthews Claimed Unemployment Was Over 10% When Bush Left Office


Chris the Tingles Matthews is getting really desperate.  He’s so in the tank for President Obama – who has been a complete failure on everything from the economy, to health care to foreign policy – that he’s making up lies out of thin air. Here he is claiming that unemployment was 10% when George Bush left office.

For the record, unemployment was 7.8% when Bush left office, lower than it is now. And what party took control of Congress before the financial crisis? The same party that controlled Congress for the first two years of Obama’s presidency – the Democrats. So, what did Tingles’s colleague Thomas Roberts have to say about that? Well, he said the Democrats did not control Congress for two years of Obama’s disastrous presidency. I’m not making it up. Here, watch:

MSNBC should just change their name to MSU – Making Shit Up.

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