Chicago Teacher Strike – Meet the Teachers and the Head of the Union


Karen Lewis – Weirdo

Anne Sorock has been covering the teachers union strike in Chicago for Legal Insurrection. Here’s her video of day two of the strike and protest. It looks like the Astroturf was bused in just like they did in Wisconsin. Listen to and watch these people, is it any wonder the children they teach don’t know how to read? Well, at least the kids will learn how to mindlessly chant and protest, for all the good that will do them.

If you think that’s bad, check out this video of the head of the Chicago Teachers Union, Karen Lewis. She was speaking at some “Social Justice” forum, I don’t know what her point was – stand up comedy, fat jokes, bragging about smoking weed in college – it was quite bizarre, to put in mildly. Oh, and she doesn’t think too highly of President Obama’s education secretary Arne Duncan. He must have expressed a desire to actually educate children and rubbed her the wrong way.

Oh, I almost forgot, President Obama and the Democrats are distancing themselves from this embarrassing debacle. Normally they take the side of the unions, but in this case they’d have to throw their buddy Rahm Emanuel and the taxpayers under the bus. I guess they’re hoping their failure in the Middle East will deflect attention away from this mess. If not for how they’re hurting the kids I would laugh out loud at how progressive policies are coming back to bite progressive politicians. They’re pretty spineless when the monsters they created start attacking, aren’t they?

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