Another Bad Day for Obama-No Answer on Security of Embassies, Still Blaming Video, Releases Apology Video in Pakistan


President Obama did not have a very good day, at least not before he went to Tampa for some more fundraising. It was his turn with Univision and he was asked some tough questions for a change. He was grilled over his failed immigration policies, and he completely dodged a question regarding security of our Embassies in hostile territory on 9/11. Here’s the video of his lengthy non-answer on the security question. It took him five minutes to dodge the question.

He continued to blame the obscure anti-Muslim movie that’s been online for months. He said that the attackers in Benghazi used the outrage over the movie as an excuse to attack our consulate and kill our Ambassador and three other Americans. I guess he didn’t get the memo that there was no demonstration prior to the siege. He was also quite reluctant to call it an act of terrorism, even though his own press secretary conceded that it was during today’s White House press conference.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the US Embassy in Pakistan – or as Obama calls it, Pockeestan – paid television stations over there for air time to run an ad showing Obama and other government officials denouncing free speech. As Bryan Preston noted, the President is “unspeakably, dangerously, unbelievably narcissistic, foolish and incompetent.” That’s putting it mildly if you ask me.

I almost forgot about him saying that “You can’t change Washington from the inside.” Oh, and another week of horrible jobs news.

But I’m sure the media will still be talking about a video made without permission of Mitt Romney speaking to people in private, when he didn’t even say anything most of us haven’t been saying all along. We’ll see more skewed polls, and hear all about how the Romney campaign is imploding. Meanwhile, this incompetent boob of a communist is still the guy in charge while the Middle East burns, Iran flies weapons over Iraq, and the economy is on life support while it waits to hit the fiscal cliff. Yes folks, we are living in Bizarro World.

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