When it Comes to Todd Akin There’s No Fixing Stupid


Earlier today it was reported that there may be a swap between Ann Wagner, who is currently running in Akin’s congressional district, and Todd Akin, who is running against Claire McCaskill in the Missouri Senate race and now looks like the biggest buffoon to ever run for office. Well, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. As Bryan Preston notedSometimes you can’t fix stupid. This seems obvious in retrospect, but anyone dumb enough to say what Akin said is not smart enough to make a level-headed decision about the consequences of what he said.”

Akin told Mike Huckabee that he’s staying in the race. Akin is citing a PPP poll that over sampled Republicans by 8 points showing him with a 1 point lead. As I write this a political strategist is on TV talking reality – there is no way Akin can win, and his decision could leave the Senate in the hands of the Democrats and cost Romney the state of Missouri. Now a Democrat strategist is claiming that Romney and Ryan are just like Akin. To listen to these Democrats you would think Republicans are all now pro-rape.

Oh, and remember, if not for all of the help from Democrats Akin probably never would have won the nomination.

Image via The Looking Spoon

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