Team Obama Says They’re Intentionally Limiting Crowd Size at Campaign Events


I’m laughing so hard I’m having trouble typing. The Obama campaign has crowd-size envy, but they won’t admit it. They say that they’re purposely limiting crowd sizes to save money and resources. LOL! As if they’ve ever cared about saving money.

The New York Times reported that the Obama campaign said that it is intentionally limiting crowd size at their events because of security and cost:

“We have plenty of time for big rallies,” a campaign spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, said between the rallies on Thursday. “Our focus right now is on exciting our supporters and winning over undecided voters and the smaller and medium-size events are the best venue to accomplish that because the president can closely engage with the crowd.”

Big rallies are expensive, especially given the logistical and security challenges for a president as opposed to a mere United States senator. And Obama campaign operatives, both at the Chicago headquarters and in swing states where Mr. Obama recently has stumped, say the campaign intentionally limits crowds by restricting tickets. The reason is to allow the president to better connect with supporters, aides say.


Doug Ross has more.


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