Politico Hits Romney for Responding to Obama’s Nasty Smears


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According to Politico, Mitt Romney shouldn’t respond to the nasty smears coming from the Obama campaign. They should just allow the lies to stand and move along, lest they offend the sensibilities of Obama’s cheerleaders. Ben Shapiro called them out for it at Big Government.

Politico then cites the following attacks:

  • From Vice President Joe Biden: “They gonna put ya’ll back in chains.”
  • From Mitt Romney: “Mr. President, take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago and let us get about rebuilding and reuniting America.”
  • From Obama spokesman Ben LaBolt: Romney is “unhinged.”
  • From Obama: Romney put a dog on the roof of his car.
  • From Romney: Biden’s comments on coal, in which he said that coal caused more deaths than terrorism, showed his lack of vision for the country.
  • The Obama campaign has called Romney a felon and a murderer.

You may be noticing a pattern: Romney’s campaign is responding to the repulsive vitriol of the Obama campaign by calling them out on promoting “division, anger, and hate.” The Obama campaign is calling Romney an incipient slaver, an insane person, a criminal, and a killer. These are not equivalent. Romney attacks Obama on his coal policy; Obama attacks Romney on having a dog on his car roof decades ago. These are not equivalent.

Read the whole thing. I’ve noticed this with other media outlets as well.