Obama Finally Took Time From Campaigning to Talk to WH Press Corps


President Obama finally took a few minutes from his grueling schedule of campaigning, fundraising and golf to talk to the White House press corps. It was his first time in over two months. When he finished up one of the reporters called out “Don’t be a stranger.”

The guy who never tells the truth accused Mitt Romney of running a campaign of lies. He said “You can’t just make stuff up. That’s something you learn as president.” He went on to say that his campaign is focused on the issues, as if Mitt Romney releasing his tax returns is one of the pressing issues of our time.


He’s the one that tells us the economy is moving in the right direction and he says other people make things up? Who is he kidding?

He also said that nobody on his campaign accused Romney of being a felon, even though his spokeswoman strongly implied it not so long ago.