Obama Discussed Damage From Hurricane Isaac on the Phone, From His Plane


Obama Campaigns During Hurricane Isaac

President Obama wants to assure you that he’s quite concerned about the victims of Hurricane Isaac. He told a crowd at a campaign event that he discussed it by phone, while traveling from another campaign event.

President Barack Obama, who in 2005 criticized then-President George Bush for not exhibiting a “greater sense of empathy” toward the victims of Hurricane Katrina, told a campaign crowd at the University of Virginia on Wednesday afternoon–as people in Louisiana were dealing with what the National Hurricane Center called “life-threatening hazards” caused by Hurricane Isaac–that he had discussed the hurricane on the telephone from Air Force One as he was flying East from a previous campaign event in Colorado.

“Hello, Virginia! Go, Hoos! Wahoowah!” Obama said to raucous cheers in the high-spirited opening to his speech at UVA. “I still don’t know what a Wahoo is. But I know we’ve got some here today.”

In 2005, in the wake of Katrina, Obama had called for a government that was “more serious, more somber” in dealing with both crises like hurricanes and what he called “systemic problems.”

Read the whole thing, there’s video, too.

What a hypocrite.