MoveOn Seeking Only Non-Union Actors for New Video

Share is making a new ad for a public service announcement called “Oath.” You’d think the far-left group would only use union actors, but I guess they aren’t into paying union wages themselves. That sort of thing is for others to do.  Here’s the casting call, which hasn’t been changed even though big sites like NewsBusters and The Blaze are already calling them out:

URGENT – MoveOn ‘Oath’ – PSA ‘Oath’ – PSA. This casting is for a very reputable organization.

Casting Date: TBD or based on submissions
Shoot Date: THIS Wednesday, August 8th or THIS Thursday, August 9th
Calltime: Call time is expected to be “approximately” 9PM and shoot will be approximately 10 hours.
Location: Time Square area in NYC

Project Type: PSA
Union Status: Non-Union
Pay Scale: $250 for Body Double. $100 for Background role
Posted Date: 8/3/2012 4:52:36 PM
End Date: 8/6/2012

Hey, why didn’t they just ask George Soros to kick in some cash so they could live up to their ideals? Are they required to have a budget and stick to that budget? Gee, what a novel concept, it’s too bad they never call on the government to do the same thing. The Democrats they help get elected haven’t passed a budget in three years.

The Counter Contempt blog noted the hypocrisy of it all.

I mean, bowing to unions is fine when it comes to insignificant things like schools. But progressive PSAs? Those are important, man! If exploiting the labor force is necessary in order to shoot a wacky PSA featuring a “Mitt Romney body double,” then by God, let those filthy proletarians be exploited!

And, once again, the left displays its steadfast dedication to upholding a set of principles as long as those principles don’t impact the pocketbook of the left. Bravo!

Follow the links for screen shots of the casting call if they change it.