Mia Love’s RNC Gun Story – Plus Video of Her RNC Speech!


Saratoga Springs, Utah Mayor and Congressional candidate Mia Love delivered a rousing speech about the American Dream and conservative principles earlier at the Republican National Convention. (See the video below.) But remarks Love made at a breakfast this morning seem to be getting more attention. It appears Love is one of those Americans President Obama accuses of bitterly clinging to her guns.

This story was about what Love encountered when she came to Utah for what was supposed to be a few months and ended up staying.

At a cellphone store, Love said she spotted a man openly carrying a gun in a holster and couldn’t stop staring.

“He said, ‘Does this make you uncomfortable?’ I said, ‘No.’ And I said, ‘Is that a Glock?’ And he said, ‘Yes.’ ‘A 26?’ And he said, ‘Yes.’ ‘A 9mm?’ He said, ‘Yes.’ And I said, ‘Great gun for a woman. That’s exactly what I carry.’ That’s why this is home.”

A few delegates gasped and others chuckled before all of them clapped loudly.

Mia Love – what’s not to love?

Here’s the video of her fantastic speech, via Fox 13. She really is living proof of the American Dream.

Oh, and there’s a money bomb for Love going on today. Be sure to help send this great woman to Washington, DC. We need more like her.

H/T Charles B.

Update: Doesn’t it figure that the racist, intolerant left would call Mia Love a “token?” Good grief, they are truly horrible.

Need more motivation, read what some smug creep at The Nation says about people like Mia, RNC Schedule: Tokenism Extraordinaire. Tokens? People like that writer are the real racists, they demean accomplished people like Mia because of the color of her skin. Don’t get mad, get even.

Follow the link if you want to find a link to the nasty liberal.