Ice Packs and Mashed Potatoes

Just a quick update to the post I did the other day about my dental issues. I’m feeling a little better. It still hurts, but it’s not the nearly mind-numbing pain. That ended last night, right around the time the side of my face started swelling up. I’ve been keeping ice packs on it most of the day, and it hasn’t gotten worse. It may be a little better, it’s hard to tell. The doctor upped the dosage of the antibiotic he prescribed. I don’t want the pain to return, so I haven’t had much in the way of solid food. I had to run out to the bank this afternoon, and there’s a KFC across the street so I went through the drive-thru to pick up my lunch/dinner combo.

Other than that, I’ve had yogurt and a banana. Mr. LC picked me up some Carnation Instant Breakfast, which I can have in the morning with some oatmeal.

I’m not 100%, but seem to be on the mend. At least I hope so. Once the infection clears up the tooth will be extracted and then we’ll start the process of an implant. In the mean time, maybe I’ll finally lose that five pounds that’s been dogging me.

On, one other thing, if you ever have strange symptoms, like facial swelling, talk to your doctor. If you’re waiting for a call back, don’t go searching for answers on line. All that does is scare you.

And thanks to all of you who sent along kind wishes. I appreciate it.