Exclusive: Rep. Allen West Brings Down the House in Syracuse at Event for Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle – Updated


Congressman Allen West (R-FL) appeared at a campaign event last night with Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle (R-NY24). He delivered one heck of a speech, and the two hundred people in attendance were left wanting more. The line to meet up with Col. West was long and it must have taken at least an hour for him to meet and greet everyone, but he stuck around and had a big smile on his face the entire evening, along with Rep. Buerkle, who is always available to her constituents.

West talked about the “challenge we face today” and the choice between “two very distinct futures.”  He said that is why “Ann Marie is standing here,” because “she has some serious skin in the game” with her thirteenth grandchild (Yes, 13! ) ready to enter this world.

As far as the future, West said “You do not want to be part of the first generation of Americans that may have to say ‘We did not pass on the American dream.'”

West recounted his life growing up in Georgia and how hard his parents worked so that he would have a better life. His father, who was a corporal in World War II “Wanted his son to be the first officer in the family.” His parents’ dream came true.

West also talked about the “equality of opportunity” that conservatives endorse. He said that we all are provided with a ladder, and sometimes we fall off that ladder and society provides a safety net to catch us, but it shouldn’t turn into a hammock. “The other side believes that everyone’s the same, that everyone should be a C student,” West said.

West  also had plenty of praise for Rep. Buerkle, who has been a tireless advocate for military veterans, small business, the free market, families and the unborn. We need more people like West and Buerkle in Washington.

Below is the raw video I shot from my phone, turn up your speakers, or better yet, plug in your earphones. I didn’t even get to half of it, but it really was a fantastic speech. If you ever have the opportunity to hear Col. West speak in person you should do your best to get there. Oh, and while you’re at it, consider supporting the most conservative representative from New York. She really is a great lady, and has our best interests at heart. She doesn’t want to transform our great republic, she wants to restore it, so does Allen West, a true American hero.

Update: The videos I took with my phone are still below, but I’ve added this video that’s much better quality that also includes Buerkle’s remarks.

If you wonder why the audio and video of conservative bloggers kind of stinks, it’s because we’re all independent. We do what we can with the tools at hand. I had a bunch of photos to upload, but for some reason the laptop is refusing to read my SD card. The only photo I could come up with is this one with me and Col. West, because someone else was kind enough to send it to me. Thanks, Bob.