Blogger’s Defense Team Filed Suit Against Brett Kimberlin and Friends

August 10, 2012

Aaron Worthing brings us the good news that the Blogger’s Defense Team has filed suit against Brett Kimberlin and his pals.

And we won’t be revealing what we served on him just yet, but I have seen it.  I chuckled at the sight of it.  He’s going to hate every minute of this.  He has plainly screwed with the wrong people.
Second, while Brett Kimberlin has improperly answered my complaint at least he answered; both Ron Brynaert and Neal Rauhauser have ignored it, which is never a wise thing to do when you are being sued.  This is despite the fact that they have actual knowledge of the lawsuit and indeed Brynaert was all over twitter in February beating his chest about how he looked forward to fighting this suit.  So we have moved for a default judgment against both of them.
Third, the Blogger’s Defense Team don’t emphasize this too much but we do need to raise more money to keep this suit going.  Do you want to see if Brett Kimberlin has the gonads to commit perjury in Virginia, where they might not be so lenient on convicted terrorists?  Then please donate.  It’s the first button on the right, or just go to their site.
Read the whole thing, which also includes the press release. On the inside I’m jumping for joy. On the outside, I’m still not feeling fantastic, so I’ll just leave it at that.
Via The Other McCain and Da TechGuy
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