Beware – The SEIU May Soon Be Knocking On Your Door


The SEIU is ramping up its efforts to get President Obama reelected. According to The Washington Times, the union is spending a whopping $1.4 million to send its people out to knock on doors to canvass for Obama and a few other Democrats.

The Service Employees International Union’s (SEIU) political army is hitting the streets.

The first indications of significantly ramped-up door-knocking activity from the major union were disclosed to the Federal Election Commission Tuesday, with $1.4 million in salaries and expenses dedicated to canvassing for President Obama and seven other candidates during August.

By any measure, that’s a lot of money, which could be all the more effective because the SEIU has always said that they will have less money than Republicans, and therefore be relying not on expensive television ads, but on volunteer door-knockers.

At, say, $10 an hour, that would be enough for 140,000 man-hours of face-to-face contact with prospective voters; in fact, many of the door-knockers are volunteers, and the money instead represents costs for renting vans and printing flyers. (Read More)

Lock your doors and hide the children!