Betsy McCaughey – Obamacare Will Cause 40K Unnecessary Deaths Per Year


Betsy McCaughey, the former Lieutenant Governor of New York, is in Tampa this week for the Republican National Convention. Stacy McCain caught up with her for a brief interview about the effects of Obamacare on the elderly in America. She said that non-political studies have shown that the law will cost 40,000 unnecessary deaths per year due to cuts in payments to hospitals.

“The cuts to hospitals treating seniors will cost 40,000 lives aa year. That’s an estimate based not on political stuff, but on the actual medical evidence from the annals of internal medicine, from circulation, from the National Bureau of Economic Research.”

When asked about a lack of media attention to this, she replied:

“Because the administration claims cutting payments to hospitals, doctors and hospice care won’t actually hurt patients, it won’t effect their benefits. But it’s not true, there is a growing body of scientific evidence that proves that when you cut hospitals it means fewer nurses on the floor, and higher death rates from heart attacks, from hip fractures, from pneumonia, from six very common conditions effecting the elderly…. Elderly hospital patients will have a lower chance of surviving their illness and leaving the hospital and going home.”

McCaughey said to go to where you can find all the evidence backing up her assertions. Be sure to check it out. Seniors are right to be scared of Obamacare, they have every reason to be.

As a side note that has nothing to do with politics, shortly after graduating from college I lived in a tiny little apartment on Davis Island, which is just across the river from the site of the convention. It’s been kind of fun following the media coverage of the event and seeing my old stomping ground. As to why I’m not there to cover the convention, my kids both started fall baseball this week. Not to mention that I didn’t feel like putting up with all of the hassle.

Anyway, be sure to spread McCaughey’s message. Although the elderly will be effected the most by Obamacare, it will be bad for all of us.