Video: Listen to the White House Chief of Staff Lie About the Obamacare Tax


The Obama administration is like a Burger King franchise – home of the Whoppers. White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew appeared on Fox News Sunday this morning with Chris Wallace and flat-out lied about the Obamacare mandate and penalty not being a tax. Amazingly, he even denied that the Supreme Court upheld the rotten law only because it is a tax. He continued the lies even when Wallace repeatedly confronted him with the truth. He didn’t even back down after Wallace played the clip of Obama’s lawyer arguing that it is a tax, although he seemed a bit deflated after that. Watch:

These people are incapable of telling the truth – they can’t, because they know if they did they would be roundly rejected.

Oh, and this isn’t the only outrageous lie Jack Lew told today. On another morning show he told a bunch of whoppers about Operation Fast and Furious.

H/T Gateway Pundit