So, How Much Money Has Obama Raised From Bain Capital Employees, and Who Was In Charge During All of That Outsourcing?


This is nothing new, but it’s still noteworthy because President Obama and the Democrats have been vilifying Bain Capital and Mitt Romney’s tenure at the company for months now. It’s also noteworthy that CNN ran this report documenting how much Team Obama has raised from Bain employees – more than $125,000. In the video it’s noted that some of those Bain donors may have actually paid for the commercials demonizing the company that writes their paychecks. Also according to this report, all of those donations were raised by the Obama campaign in 2011, before they really stepped up the anti-capitalist attacks against Bain. I would certainly hope that now that these donors know what their money has been paying for they’ll stop forking over the big bucks to the man who says they didn’t earn their money. Good grief.

Not only have Bain employees given quite a bit of money to the campaign that kicks them in the teeth every chance it gets, one of Obama’s top fundraising bundlers was in management at Bain Capital during the period that Team Obama is accusing the company of outsourcing jobs. Talk about a glutton for punishment, and he’s not the only one. What’s with these people? And what’s with the guy who appeared in a pro-Obama, anti-Bain commercial who is now calling Obama “a jerk, a pantywaist, a lightweight, [and] a blowhard.”? He says he’s not voting for anyone in the upcoming election, but doesn’t he realize that when he made that ad he may have helped the “jerk, pantywaist, lightweight blowhard” pick up a few votes? I guess he feels like if he can’t find a job, nobody should. Maybe Obama will turn that attitude into a campaign slogan: “Why should your neighbor have a job if you don’t? It’s just not fair.”