Oh Yes, Those Leftists Are Sooooo Compassionate


Zilla asked me to share some of the comments our nasty stalking trolls have tried to leave on this site, so I passed them along and she posted them. These twisted people are delighted that Zilla has been ill with Lyme Disease. It’s no different than the way most leftists acted when they heard that Andrew Breitbart died, or when Dick Cheney had a heart transplant. But we’re supposed to believe they’re compassionate.

Karen has hundreds of these in her moderation cue or spam folder, and many are too vulgar to publish, but she did send me a few of the milder ones at my request. Thank you, Karen, for passing these along!

Many of these are just juvenile and stupid (funny how they think they are so smart), but making fun of my illness seems to be a great source of amusement to the creeps, and of course they want to ruin my reputation, alienate me from my friends, and, mainly, hurt Karen. (Read More)

She also posted some of the emails that she’s received which appear to have been sent by me. I’ve gotten the same ones sent to me, and sometimes it appears I sent them to myself. Just today I was informed that I contacted the EPA advocating for some green issue. It was news to me. Yesterday I apparently contacted my Senators, and while nibbling on some bacon this morning I read a vegetarian newsletter I supposedly signed up for. Damned wankers.