Occupy Oakland Celebrated 4th of July Burning Flags, Vandalizing Buildings


The Occutards in Oakland spent Independence Day chanting “F*ck the police,” burning flags and vandalizing buildings. They called the rampage “F*ck the 4th.”

There were a total of 60 marchers in all, far less than the numbers who crowded the streets a year ago at the Occupy movement’s height. They moved through downtown after dark spray painting anti-police messages on sites that included “City Hall, the police Internal Affairs Division near City Hall, a clothing store, hotel and a bank.” According to Sgt. Roland Holmgren, one of the marchers painted “Kill Cops” on a door at police headquarters.
Occupiers also vandalized a patrol car, breaking a window, and puncturing a tire. Someone set a trash can on fire.

They were so proud of themselves they even released this video. Naturally, it comes with a language warning.