Obama’s Message to Americans: Don’t Emulate the Successful, Envy Them


President Obama’s message to Americans is quite simple. He doesn’t want us to emulate successful people like his opponent Mitt Romney, he wants us to envy them. In addition to distracting us from the real issues, his campaign continues to play the class warfare card, while his policies get more and more people on the government dole.

He doesn’t want people going out and working to create businesses, or striving at their jobs to create more wealth for themselves and their families. He wants as many American voters as possible sitting at home, collecting government checks and resenting anyone who has more than they do. Why else did his administration redefine work to include activities like personal care activities and reading? I wonder if they’ll start giving bonus welfare points for reading the right books; you know, books about social justice and class envy.

Why else would go around saying things like the successful haven’t earned their success, well, except for people like his friends who really have gotten rich thanks to politicians who are generous with taxpayer dollars? He wants to convince people that hard work and innovation won’t get them anywhere. He wants them to think “why bother” and vote for whoever promises them the most benefits. What a disgusting message to send to the American people. What a disgusting example to be setting for our children.